Invisible Mothers

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Having sex outside the matrimony is illegal in Morocco. Invisible Mothers shows a new perspective of women in a muslim country and their struggle against prejudices and rejection. Hafida is a single mother in Tangier. She ran away from home when she got pregnant. Some years later she has become a sexual health educator. (Broadcasted by ORF2 17 % Share)

Directed by: 
Lorenzo Benítez
67 or 48 min. (Voice over TV version)
English / Arab (Dariya) / Spanish / German
_DOCUMENTAMADRID 2016. Panorama. Competitive Section. Premiere in Spain.
_Sevilla European Film Festival 2016.
_Beirut International Film Festival 2016.
_Cádiz Documentary Film Festival 2016. Opening screening.
_Cartagena International Film Festival 2016.
_Tarifa African Film Festival 2016.
_AMAL International Euro Arab Film Festival 2016.