Wildlife's Rebirth in the Old Mine

Wildlife's Rebirth in the old Mine_Trailer (EN)

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La Jayona is an iron mine abandoned 100 years ago. A gigantic 80-hectare gorge, up to a hundred meters deep, condemned to be a barren desert of rock and rubble in a process similar to what the Earth experienced millions of years ago. But something absolutely extraordinary has happened within it. Wildlife has taken possession of this space, turning it into a unique ecosystem that is among the natural treasures of Europe.

Its microclimate allows the development of a unique vegetation completely alien to their environment, while it has become a refuge for many animal species, from amphibians to the almighty eagle owl.

1080 Wildlife
Directed by: 
Javier Ortega
English, Spanish
_Best Nature in Flight Film – International Air Film festival 2021. Spain
_Honorable Mention Natural History Documentary at Vaasa Wildlife Film Festival 2022. Finland
_Official Selection International Ecological Film Festival TO SAVE AND PRESERVE (RUSIA) 2021