Once Upon a Place

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"Once Upon a Place"  is the story of “La Nacional,” a nondescript building in New York City that welcomed thousands of immigrants to the United States over its 150-year history. The building itself narrates its striking story, yet unknown but so relevant today, although it remains a mystery to most New Yorkers and Americans. 

Founded in 1868, “La Nacional” still stands in 2021 and it’s the last remaining survivor of the vanished New York neighborhood once known as Little Spain, which had been the largest Spanish immigrant enclave in the United States. “La Nacional” bore witness to the rise and fall of New York City as home to the American Dream, experiencing both the golden age of Little Spain and the tumultuous times that eventually ended in the disappearance of the entire community. 
Special Guest: Famous Spanish-American artist Domingo Zapata, who has painted the largest Times Square (NYC) mural of all times.
Cèlia Novis
Directed by: 
Cèlia Novis
English, Spanish
_Best Documentary Malaga Film Festival_ Biznaga de Plata Section Women on Stage, 2022. Spain
_Best American Documentary at the 8 & Halfim Awards. Rome, Italy. 2022
_Best Spanish Movie at Films by Women International Festival. Madrid
_Best Director Award_ Blogos de Oro Spanish Independent Cinema Film Awards 2023
_Candidate GOYA Awards 2024 - Spanish Academy of Cinematograpic Arts and Sciences
_Candidate GAUDI Awards 2024 - Catalan Film Academy
_Manhattan Film Festival, 2021. Official Selection
_IMPACTE! Human Rights Film Festival of Catalonia 2021. Official Selection
_Festival de Cine por Mujeres, Madrid "Panorama de Autoras Españolas". 2021
_Film Sozialak, SPECIAL MENTION OF THE JURY Festival de Cine invisible Bilbao, Sección “Interculturalidad”, 2021
_Atlanticdoc Uruguay International Film Festival. 2021
_FICIP. Festival Internacional de Cine Político. Argentina 2022
_Festival de Cine por la Memoria Democrática, FESCIMED, 2021