Alias Yineth

Nombre de Guerra: Alias Yineth (TRAILER)

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Yineth was recruited at age 12 by the Colombian FARC guerrilla. She was one of thousands of minors recruited by force for a war she managed to escape from. Today, she has rebuilt her life in civil society and has reinvented herself with every step she has taken, although she has not been able to escape her past completely. Yineth is the woman of seven names. Each one of them shows a different way of being, a different way of relating to the world, a reinvention. Guerrilla member, cabaret dancer, middle class mother, lecturer for peace... All faces of the current Yineth who is in search of a stable future, are not only in the same body but also escape from the same past that keeps finding them over and over again - the challenge of reintegration with which Colombian society is confronted.

The weight of wearing a fatigue uniform in her living room, the vanity of a city woman and a combination of opposites portray the most human and thus most dangerous sides of this character: the contradiction of a woman who escapes her past and at the same time is addicted to it.

Galaxia 311 / Rhayuela Cine
Directed by: 
Daniela Castro / Nicolás Ordóñez
52' / 71'
Spanish, English subtitles
_Bogotá International Human Rights Film Festival 2018. Bogotá, Colombia.
_Santander International Film Festival 2018. Bucaramanga, Colombia.
_Barranquilla International Film Festival 2018. Barranquilla, Colombia. Special Mention.
_Newark International Youth Film Festival 2018. Newark, USA.
_Femme Revolution Film Fest 2018. Mexico City.
_Nišville Movie Summit 2018. Niš, Serbia.
_Festival de Cine de las Alturas 2018. San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina. Special Mention of the Jury.