Bees. The Invisible Mechanism

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We share our planet with almost 9 million species... of all of them, insects are possibly the most important for the functioning of terrestrial ecosystems. For millions of years they have been fundamental parts of the sophisticated mechanism that moves the world.

An extraordinary micro-universe of biological interrelationships develops in fields and crops; pollinating insects, especially the honeybee, are a vital part of the machinery of nature, up to 75% of the production of the fruit and vegetables we eat depends directly on the work of pollinators. In recent times climate change, new diseases and pests, deforestation and pesticide abuse are drastically reducing insect populations, at least 1/3 are critically endangered.

Could we survive in a world without pollinators?

Archipiélago Indómito and FVSM
Directed by: 
Rubén Casas Oché
52' or 91'
HD / 4K / UHD
English, Spanish