Borderline: Where the World ends

Borderline_Where the World ends_ TRAILER

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One hour’s drive from Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital, all those leaving the “free West” towards Belarus, “the last dictatorship in Europe”, must pass through a strict border control. Crossing this border is a time consuming and almost absurd performance. However, there are people who are confronted with this border on a daily basis, as it literally cuts right through their backyard. What used to be a daily routine of visiting relatives or friends, going to church or to the cemetery, has now become a complicated process involving cross point schedules, visas and other complex bureaucratic procedures.

A perfect example of the forgotten ‘European periphery’, the paradox of the free Schengen area, which here is tearing apart communities, families and lives.

Where the World ends is part of Borderline, a collection of 6 documentary films, made by talented European filmmakers. Each film focuses on a prominent and characteristic border that surrounds or divides the European continent.

off World
Directed by: 
Anna Savchenko
Belgium, Croatia, Norway, Lithuania, Sweden, Slovenia
English Subtitles
_ Astra Film Festival 2021. Romania. World Premiere