Nigerian Women trapped in Sex Trafficking

Nigerian Prostitutes No Trailer

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This report shot in Sicily and Nigeria investigates the sex trafficking of young Nigerian women forced into prostitution throughout Europe after being manipulated and bewitched during voodoo rituals. Searching for a better life, many take guidance from their own families and overcome the ordeal of the migrants' route through the Sahara and Libya, only to end up working the street and in debt, petrified by shame and fear. The missionary sisters are the only ones they trust enough to confide their sufferings. The social workers who are all about getting them off the streets face reprisals from the Nigerian mafia, the most violent in Africa. Yet, after more than 20 years of this heinous sex trafficking, there are now hopes of change. Tribal leaders, juju men and political authorities have at last decided to join forces to put an end to the slave trade.

Directed by: 
Pascal Magnin & Maria-Pia Mascaro
English subtitles