A Genet´s Tale

A genet´s tale. (TEASER)

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In a hidden corner of the Mediterranean forest three young genet cubs begin to discover the world. The little female will change her fate. Her brave heart wants to discover the surroundings and she leaves her family behind. She will find the most beautiful scenes of this forest, but at the same time a daunting reality is waiting.  The common genet is the only genet present in Europe. We can find her in Africa, the Iberian Peninsula and France.

Directed by: 
José Antonio Vallejo
50 min
English / Spanish / German / French
_Green Screen 2017. Germany
_MATSALU NATURE FILM FESTIVAL 2016. International Competition. Estonia.
_ VAASA WILDLIFE FESTIVAL 2016. Special Mention. Finland.
_ 10th ISFFA. Atenas International Scienfic Festival. International Competition.
_International Nature Film Festival Gödöllö. Hungary