Migrants, a Journey in Hell

Migrants, a Journey in Hell (STILL)

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It's the deadliest migrant route in the world. From Niamey to Agadez, through the Sahel and Libya's Sahara desert and on across the Mediterranean, meet the smugglers, and also the women and men who risk their lives to reach European shores. By exerting pressure on Niger, the European Union managed to break up local networks of smugglers, only to see the business become even more criminal. Some migrants are abandoned in the middle of the desert. Those who make it to Libya end up in inhumane prisons where they're resold to other criminals who hold them for ransom. And for those who make it as far as Sicily, the European El Dorado is often synonymous with prostitution or modern-day slavery. Filmed in Niger, Libya and Sicily, this report will shock you to the core.

Directed by: 
Xavier Nicol
English Subtitles