Light on the Margins

Luz en los Márgenes

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The painter Juan Carmona reflects on the relationship between his work and his life. The process of creating a painting, on a marsh landscape in Seville, becomes an occasion to rethink the origins and motivations of his painting. The artist's effort to grasp time and put order to chaos is challenged every day by the continuous changing of the landscape and the chaotic nature of reality. In his struggle the artist travels to the margins of his existence.

Miguel Ángel Rosales
Directed by: 
Miguel Ángel Rosales
15 min.
Spanish (Spanish with English subtitles)
_45th 'Alcances' Atlantic Film Festival. Cadiz, Spain. 2013. Official Short Film Section.
_Barcelona Independent Film Festival L'Alternativa 2013. Spain. Panorama Section.