Silvio Rodríguez, Ojalá

Silvio Rodríguez, Ojalá (Trailer English Subtitled IDFA)

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Silvio Rodriguez (San Antonio de los Baños, 1946), illustrator, musician, poet, dozens of albums, hundreds of songs, thousands of live shows, UNESCO Artist for Peace.

Silvio Rodriguez is an artist who renounced to a certain amount of fame and comfort offered by success, and partly disappeared from the international scene. But he is in full swing with a privileged relationship with the new generations of Cuban and non-Cuban musicians.

There are many signs proving that Silvio is still active: there is Ojalá, his recording studio, where great artists such as Chucho Valdes and Omara Portuondo have recorded, but in which more than half of the work is dedicated to supporting new artists; and there is his tour across problematic neighborhoods of Havana where, almost secretly, Silvio bursts and brings his songs to those who do not usually have access to such events.



Catorce Producciones and TVE
Directed by: 
Nico García
72 y 56 min.
Spanish (Spanish with english subtitles)
_IDFA 2013. Amsterdam. Docsforsale Selection.
_Festival de La Habana. Cuba. Festival Opening.
_Festival de Málaga. Spain. Documentaries Festival Official Selection.
_Festival Internacional de Cine de Guadalajara México. Parallel Section.
_Festival de Cine Latino de San Diego. EE.UU. Official Selection.
_Festival de cine cubano de Frankfurt. Germany. Official Selection.
_Festival de Ischia. Italy. Paralell Section.
_Festival Alcances de Cádiz. Spain. Paralell Section.
_Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente Mar de Plata. Argentina. Opening and Paralell Section.
_Festival de Cine de Lima. Peru. Muestra de Cine Itinerante.
_In-Edit Chile 2013. Sección Oficial Internacional.
_Festival de Bogotá 2013. Paralell Section.