Cell Phones: Weapons of Mass Addiction

Cell Phones: Weapons of Mass Addiction (STILL)

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Are smartphones destroying an entire generation? Never before has a technology invaded our lives so fast and so completely. For parents, the smartphone has become the enemy. Teens are especially hard hit. Too much exposure to smartphone screens ruins their sleep, study and interpersonal relations. Where is the line between dependence and addiction? How can we limit or even prohibit a tool that we all use? And above all, that almost no one could live without? 40-year-old hyper-connected Caroline and Gauthier accepted to meet the challenge set by our journalists by spending two weeks with no screens at all. At the end of their predicament, their findings are quite surprising. In the United States, a clinic specializing in the treatment of "iGen" addicts offers severance therapies involving 3 to 12 months spent in loneliness, a controversial shock treatment that is yet to be seen in Europe. This report investigates a potentially huge mental health crisis in the making.

Directed by: 
Nicolas Pallay
English Subtitles