Borderline: Four Seasons in a Day

Borderline. Four Seasons in a Day. Trailer

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Each day, the Carlingford ferry brings people over the border between British-controlled Northern-Ireland and EU member Ireland, in an era the debate on Brexit and its consequences is predominant. Staying or remaining, both options create the same big question marks on the future. 

"It may only take 15 minutes to cross the lough between British-controlled Northern Ireland and EU member Republic of Ireland, but this refreshingly politics-free look at Brexit's brand-new border covers a huge gulf of public confusion. Filmmaker Annabel Verbeke placed cameras on board Carlingford ferry to eavesdrop on tourists and locals from both sides as they discussed what boundaries mean to them. What emerges is a dazzling array of fantastic accents, casual racism and general agreement that while all teenagers are terrible, British and Irish people are all nice and the same. A "Leave"-voting dad lets his kids know that while he's glad their generation can make Catholic friends, they mustn't forget they're British, while an Irish mother tells her adult son that she welcomes multiculturalism but the English should still remember they're living on the tip of her island. Old arguments, deep scars and fresh apathy over a still-misunderstood decision populate this delightfully personal Brexit critique". Myrocia Watamaniuk (Hot Docs)

4 Seasons in a Day is part of Borderline, a collection of 6 documentary films, made by talented European filmmakers. Each film focuses on a prominent and characteristic border that surrounds or divides the European continent. 

The series wants to investigate the concept of "borders" by following the footsteps of people who interact with these borders and feel their impact on a daily basis. Each film can also be broadcasted as stand-alone documentary.

off World
Directed by: 
Annabel Verbeke
Belgium, Croatia, Norway, Lithuania, Sweden, Slovenia
77' or 53'
New York Film Week 2021. Best Film Award. USA
_Hot Docs 2021. Winner International Emerging Filmmaker Award. World Premiere
_SaratovSufferings International Film Festival 2021. Special mention of the Jury. Russia
_Film Fest Ghent 2021. Official Selection. Belgium
_New York Film Week 2021. Official Selection. USA
_Sydney Film Festival 2021. Official Selection. Australia
_Verzio International Film Festival 2021. Official Selection. Hungary
_DocsIreland 2021. Official Selection. Belfast, Northern Ireland
_Rhode Island International Film Festival 2021. Official Selection. Providence, USA
Gangneung International Film Festival 2021. Official Selection. South-Korea
Saratov Sufferings Film Festival 2021. Official Selection. Russia
Atlantida Film Festival 2021. Official Selection. Spain