Spring. The Return of Life


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A documentary about the most spectacular spring in the last fourty years. Five months of filming in the Iberian Peninsula, great forests, lakes, plains, saltworks, the awakening of the flora and especially of the fauna. We witness unique moments like the mating of the viperine water snake and the long journey into maturity of the natterjack toad.
We contemplate the courtship of the bee eaters, the frolic of the flamingos or the cheerful movements of the little owls, accompanied by a cohort of small birds that invade Spain and Portugal. «Alravanes», lesser spotted woodpeckers, herons, great crested grebes, storks and vultures meet at a spectacle in which these animals are the privileged protagonists. (Second most watched programme of the day in its premiere at TVE (Spain). It attracted an average of 629.000 viewers, a 5.8% share. Average of the channel the same day 3,3%)

1080 Líneas producciones
Directed by: 
Carlos Pérez
49 min.
English / Spanish
_Biennial International Scientist Film (BICC) Ronda 2014 27th Edition. Official Selection. Spain
_CINEXTUR. Official Selection. Spain
_Cinenatur 2016. Official Selection. Spain
_Cine Internacional de Naturaleza Ficma 2014. Barcelona. Spain
_Green Vision 2014. Rusia