Yes, we fuck!

Yes, we fuck! (Trailer)

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This documentary shows six stories about sex and functional diversity, real and varied stories where sex is turned into a pleasure weapon for poeple's individual and collective rights. Beyond sex, this project shows, without inhibitions, censorship or prejudice what sexuality can do for people with functional diversity, and also how the reality of functional diversity can contribute to human sexuality.

The documentary has been presented at the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid and the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona. 

Directed by: 
Antonio Centeno / Raul de la Morena
59' or 52'
Spanish (English, French, German and Audio Description (hearing impaired) available
_Best Documentary. 10 Pronfilmfestival Berlin 2015. Germany
_Best Documentary. Fisch and Chips Film Festival. Torino. Italy
_Best documentary LGTB. FlixxFest International Film Festival 2015
_30th BFI Flare London 2016. UK
_La Fete du Spip Festival 2016. Lussane. Switzerland
_PopPorn Film Festival Sao Paolo 2016. Brazil
_Festival de Cinema Independent de Barcelona, L'Alternativa 2015
_International Human Rights Film Festival, this human Wold, Viena. Austria
_Festival Cine//B de Santiago de Chile 2015
_26 Lesbisch Schwule Filmtage Hamburg / International Queer Film Festival 2015. Germany
_Festival Cineeuropa 2015
_Festival Imperfectu de México 2015
_Holy Fuck Film Festival Amsterdam. Holland
_Festival de Capacidades de Tenerife. Spain